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The Twilite Tone

Anthony Christopher Khan, better known by the stage name The Twilite Tone, (b. July 13, 1971) is an American record producer, DJ, recording artist, and composer.

Role in Gorillaz[]

The Twilite Tone is the producer for Gorillaz’ fifth studio album Humanz.

He, along with Humanz' co-producer Remi Kabaka Jr., was responsible for the vast majority of the production work on Humanz. Tone’s main instruments for Humanz were three Akai MPC software; the Renaissance, Touch, and 2000XL. However, Tone was also able to play and jam in real time with Albarn while in the studio. Much of Humanz tracks came from jam sessions in the studio with Tone, Albarn, and Remi that sometimes lasted for hours. Tone's idea was to blend the voice of “Damon, a briton, with the joy and pain and struggle that African-American music can express”. Tone was also responsible for gathering collaborations for Humanz and suggesting artists for Gorillaz to work with on the record.[1] Originally, Tone wanted Damon to sing lead vocals on every track on the record, as he wanted to hear “a brit singing black music with black people singing behind him, because the time and place, politically and socially, called for that”. His biggest influences for Humanz were artists such as David Bowie, Luther Vandross, and Robert Palmer.[2] Tone has since been regarded by Humanz collaborators (such as Maseo of De La Soul) as the driving source behind the sound of the record.[3]

The Twilite Tone was first approached about a potential collaboration with Albarn via Parlophone Records chairman Miles Leonard, who was searching for a producer for Gorillaz' fifth studio album. Damon and Tone then first came in contact with each other via Skype while Damon was in Mali. The two got along very well, and Tone was then flown out to London in February that year to visit Studio 13. Initially, Tone was only going to be there for a few days, but ended up staying for two weeks. Afterwards, he visited the studio for a month, and stayed in London for the majority of 2016.[4]

A lot of footage of Tone's involvement with Gorillaz is featured in the 2019 Gorillaz documentary film Reject False Icons.

Musical career[]


Lyrics To Go Interview with The Twilite Tone

Tone is known for his work with artists such as Kanye West, John Legend, Judith Hill, Big Sean, Common, Pusha T, and various others.[5] He released his first full length solo album The Cleaning in 2020.


  • The Cleaning (2020)