• I have some difficulties to understand the lyrics of "Feel Good Inc" because I'm French, and mainly because the lyrics don't seem to have any logic...

    So could someone explain me the expressions  like "camel's back" or "message beep" (I think it is about the phone, but I'm not sure) and their meaning in the song ?

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    • "City's Breaking down on a Camel's back" means the final nudge that sent the previous balanced city over the edge. That may mean the city has gone corrupt. 

      "And all I want to hear is the message beep" means 2-D is awaiting hope in the torn up city below. 

      This is all mentioned here if you want to learn the meaning of each lyric. 

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    • Thank you so much ! I didn't know this website.

      Can it be possible to join this link to the wiki page of the song ?

      Something like 

      "If you wanna know the meaning of the lyrics,  you can see here : "

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    • In the meantime, friend. 

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