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We Are The Dury is a unreleased interview CD by Gorillaz.

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This CD was sent out in all territories from April - May 2005 in preparation for the "Demon Days" album launch. It was very different to the first Gorillaz interview release, in that the answers to the questions were more in-depth and discursive. The running time of all the tracks adds up to almost an hour. The Gorillaz dialogue was 'spin doctored', i.e. scripted, by Gorillaz live drummer and long-time Damon Albarn associate Cass Browne (who has Noodle praise Russel in the script as the 'world's best live drummer!"). CD comes in a standard jewel case with a booklet containing the questions to the Gorillaz' answers.

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Never commercially released. Circulated in the UK for promotional purposes in April / May 2005

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We Are The Dury (FULL AUDIO)