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This compilation features '19/2000' (Ben Brown's UKFUNK.COM Remix As Chosen By Gorillaz)' (to give it its full title as listed on the album). XFM is an alternative radio station broadcasting in London, England.

In late 2001 they ran a competition to find who could make the best remix of 19/2000, with Gorillaz eventually choosing the winner. Folklore has it that the Gorillaz chose from 'over sixty', though whether that was the total number of entries or a shortlist, has never been established. Either way, Ben Brown won with his ' Remix' and was honored with a place on XFM's first Remix compilation (there were further titles in the series). This track is exclusive to this release and not available anywhere else.

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2000 (Ben Brown's UKFUNK

2000 (Ben Brown's Remix) -Official-

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UK : 18/02/02 – highest chart position : did not chart